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Spider webs
Spider webs (Photo by V. Nesdoly)


Through the summer night and day
spider spins her life away
weaving gossamer entrapments
for her unsuspecting prey.

Threads from clothes upon the line
between my beans upon the vine
and when I go through my front door
I break more threads ticklish and fine.

Until one misty day in fall
from tiny shrubs to cedars tall
each lacy trap in white is sketched.
The fog has come, exposing all!

© 2015 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


I wrote this poem quite a few years ago, when I still had a garden. But it’s as true as ever. Each year at about this time, I’ll go out one misty morning to see spider webs everywhere. Busted!

Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by  poetry farmer extraordinaire, Amy LV at The Poem Farm.

23 thoughts on “Exposed!”

    1. Thanks Tabatha. I remember the feeling of smugness I had when I saw all those webs the first time it happened. I was shocked at how many there were, I mean, they were everywhere! No wonder I kept running into them.


  1. “Busted!” I am laughing! So so true. That comparison to clothes on the line and the thought of them all appearing when fog comes…perfect. And what a photo! I always try to take photos of spiderwebs, but they never look like this. Happy Poetry Friday! xo

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  2. We just so rarely have fog & mist, perhaps in the night, but oh you’ve captured these so beautifully, in the picture & the words, Violet. Spectacular! I wrote of spiders last week too, but those who enter at this time, not at their best like yours!


  3. Wow. Gorgeous photo, and your poem is all kinds of perfect. I DID catch the ironic twist at the end, with the fog exposing for once, instead of hiding! Well done!


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