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January Almanac

Ice sculptures form in the creek – Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly

January Almanac

Frosted black pavement
Slush hillocks turned ice, packed snow
Slippery when wet

Streetlights spot diamonds
Every street a booby-trap
of black ice

East outflow winds
Harsh, strong, glittering, long
freeze-drying Winter

Puffy Capsize coat
Icebreaker socks, Northside boots
my new best friends

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


Winter has caught my attention. This year we’ve had particularly long cold spells with snow off and on since mid-December. Then mid-day the temperature warms to just above freezing and for a few hours the snow melts till the temps dip again. The pair of sturdy, warm hiking boots I bought way back in October is getting lots of use. No falls on the ice so far!

This post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Keri at Keri Recommends.


36 thoughts on “January Almanac”

  1. Violet, I love the contrasts in your poem between diamonds and booby traps. Winter may be harsh where you are but you have made it glisten in image and words. Would you consider offering this January Almanac for my #WinterWonder17 gallery?


      1. Violet, when I capture the set, it comes out too large so I reduced it and the words are too small to be read and a bit blurry. If you can reduce the image to 450/500 pixels and have the words under it, then it might be better. I use PicMonkey Collage when I have a photo and a poem that I want to place side by side. It has a resize and sharpen tool that works well.

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  2. Best wishes for continuing “no falls”, Violet. My “new best friends” are Smart Wool socks and long underwear. Our own temps have been very low & high, mercurial is the word! That picture in the creek is breathtaking!


    1. Thanks Linda! I so understand those best friends of yours. Have resisted the long underwear, simply because the thermometer doesn’t read that cold (compared to what I knew as a child). Want to toughen myself up. The clear albeit cold days are a treat, though. I’m getting used to the cold and starting to actually enjoy it.


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      1. They never fail me, Donna. I’ve only needed the long undies once this year, so far. But they were great!


    1. Thanks, Kay! There’s nothing like a good pair of boots for a feeling of warmth and security. I saw an interesting item on the news a few days ago. Local sporting goods stores complained they were running out of detachable grippers people could somehow attach to boot bottoms—having the effect, I believe, of studded tires. I could have used those this week.



  3. I am sitting under my “old best friend” (homemade blankets) with a roaring fire awaiting to see if the temperatures will be steady or will dip below the freezing mark. We are right on the boarder! Stay warm and vertical! 🙂


  4. oh, the delicioussssssssssssssss aliteration in this poem. I love how you incorporate the road sign slippery when wet into this look at a freezy day. The ice sculpture photo is really cool too! Isn’t nature just amazing. Truly, our world is more fantastic that we could ever dream up. Have a great week.


  5. I cannot imagine what I would do faced with so much ice and snow! Good luck staying upright — no falls allowed!


  6. Brr! It’s beautiful, but I can’t say I wish I were in it! Ruth in Haiti (thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com)


  7. Violet, better you than I…unrelenting cold is not my thing (but your poem is). Even better is that gorgeous, fascinating photograph–instant stalagmites!


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