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Book Lover’s Day

I’m sharing another of my Summer Shorts poems today. August 9th was Book Lover’s Day. As soon as I saw that challenge on my list of Capture Your 365 prompts, I knew what my photograph would be. I pass this whimsical tree whenever I do my creek walk in the morning. He has always caught my imagination.


Book Lover’s Day

Father Forest
gives me that look—
he has a story
to share.
Perhaps someday
he’ll be a book
of history
ancient and rare.
A chapter
of earth,sea, and air,
or a tale
of a girl and a bear.
Mystery on the edge
of my chair,
or a myth
of a fair maiden’s hair.
A fable
with tortoise and hare,
or dystopian
sci-fi affair…
I’m very tempted
to come back at night
catch him spilling it

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

poetryfridayThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Kay at her blog A Journey Through the Pages.

17 thoughts on “Book Lover’s Day”

  1. Violet, this tree is so unusual that it is striking. Your poem goes splendidly with the story you told of greeting this tree on your walk. I think this would amuse children and provide a great story starter conversation. If you are inclined to share this at my summer gallery, please reduce the size of the image poem and add your location. Thanks for sharing your Summer Shorts 2017 digital composition.


    1. The tree is just outside the grounds of a heritage house. That house’s caretaker is the sweetest little old lady who is quite chatty when we happen to catch her outside. The first time I saw the tree’s accessories (some years ago, and she caught me snapping a photo), she told me her son had bought and installed the eyes and mouth for her. It has needed repairs from time to time. A few weeks ago, I noticed it was missing an eye. But some kind soul (maybe her son) does a fix and it’s back to our old friend.

      (On the subject of a poem for your gallery I will send you one—something summery.)



  2. This is delightful, Violet! I have a similar tree along my running route, and I’m definitely going to pay more attention when I next run by! Who knows what he might be saying! (Thanks–You’ve inspired me to both run and write!) I love the rhymes in your poem and the idea of those rich stories spilling out into the night air. Actually, I love every bit of this poem!


  3. I was curious how a tree with a face would inspire a book lovers’ day poem! Thanks for the delightful surprise! Our oak tree has a face that is in need of repair — the squirrels use the bits for leverage as they race around the tree!


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