News – 2014

(Most recent events at the top)

December 2014Borrowed Gardens - poetry anthology

  • Mid-December we took delivery of Borrowed Gardens, a poetry anthology put together by four poet friends from the Vancouver area. How nice to get this project (beautifully printed by First Choice Books in Victoria) just in time for Christmas giving!

November 2014

  • My review of the poetry collection Man Overboard: A Tale of Divine Compassion (David Denny) was published in the Intermezzo issue of Time of Singing.
  • My Line Upon Line column in the November issue FellowScript was an interview of the talented memoir writer, essayist, and poet Carolyn Weber.

September 2014

  • September 9, 2014 – The Ontario Poetry Society contest coordinator informed me that two of my entries in the Sparkle and Shine Contest found favor with the judge. “Paul Simon Reunion” placed  with an Honorable Mention and will be included in the Sparkle and Shine Canadian Poetry Anthology, along with “Christmas on the Wet Coast.” The anthology is compiled by contest judge Jan Wood and published by The Ontario Poetry Society.
  • September 1, 2014 – My first author newsletter went out right on schedule. I plan to send them out quarterly. Look for the next one on or around December 1st. If you’d like to be on the list for book recommendations, Bible study tips and author news, sign up HERE.

August 2014

  • My poem “pulse” was one of the Editor’s Choice poems in the Time of Singing “Music” themed poem contest and was published in the Summer 2014 edition.
  • August 28, 2014 – There’s nothing like seeing an author’s eyes light up the first time she holds a copy of her own book. As co-editor of our latest Fraser Valley Poets Society anthology Encouragement I joined editor-in-chief Alvin Ens and society president Brayden Sawatzky for that privilege. We presented Donna Bishop with her own copy of Encouragement at her home in The Cottage on August 28th.  Photos of the event HERE. The book launches publicly September 8th.
  • The theme of the August issue of FellowScript was Networking. In my “Line Upon Line” column, I used a poem I wrote: “Of trumpets, platforms and networks” to explore some networking issues writers face, as well as talk a bit about the sestina–the form of the poem.

June 2014


Calendar – Ebook

  • June 23, 2014 – Stepped bravely into the new world of Ebooks by publishing Calendar (a chapbook I first self-pub’d in 2004) on Smashwords. Check out the new 2014 Smashwords edition (available in most e-book formats) HERE or click on book cover.

May 2014

  • I was happy to hear that Faith Today, for which I write reviews, placed second for Media Reviews in the Canadian Church Press Awards 2014.

2nd place - Canadian Church Press Awards 2014 - Media Rvw


April 2014

April 30th brought The Word Awards shortlist email.

  • Two articles from my FellowScript Line Upon Line column are shortlisted in the Column Series category: “Bible Poetry Part 1” and “Bible Poetry Part 2: Figures of Speech.”
  • As well, two poems are shortlisted in Poetry category:

– Hannah, published in Time of Singing
Tomato High Priestess, published at Your Daily Poem

May 2014

  • “Spoken Word: Poetry that Won’t Stay on the Page” was the title of my May “Line Upon Line” column in FellowScript. It was about spoken word poetry and two poets who have made it popular: Sarah Kay and David Bowden.

March 2014

March 2/3, 2014

  • A careless trip on a couple of stairs landed me squarely on my right hip. I soon discovered it was fractured. I had repair surgery at the Dawson Creek Hospital on Monday, March 3rd. Meet my new best friends.


Hip Kit

My new best friends: cane, picker, long-handled sponge, shoehorn, sock dresser, Kindle, & two-wheeled walker

February 2014

Grandma welcomes baby Isla.

Grandma welcomes baby Isla.

  • February 24 – A beautiful granddaughter joined the family of our daughter and her husband. I was in Dawson Creek to help with the family at the time.
  • “Two Feasts and a Recipe Book” was the title of my Line Upon Line column in the quarterly Inscribe magazine FellowScript. The article is a review of three books; two books of poems: Gold by Barbara Crooker and A Thousand Vessels by Tania Runyan, and a poetry how-to book: The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop by Diane Lockward (review posted on my poetry blog).


January 2014

  • The poem “Ananias Explains the Situation to Sapphira” won first place in the Time of Singing Winter Contest 2013-14 (Eight-line rhyming poem).


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