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“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”
– Madeleine L’Engle

© 2008  by V. Nesdoly

© 2008 by V. Nesdoly



  • Bible Drive-Thru  – The devotions remain online as a blog but will not be recycled after the end of 2013. That was last year. This year I’ve given the blog a template facelift, revised each day’s focus verse to reflect the new translation of the NIV (BDT uses the NIV, and the original quoted the 1984 version), and re-scheduled it to post daily. Please use it and forward it to families and kids who might find it helpful.


  • My Place (first published in Power Station)

Picture books


Nampa, Idaho (June 2, 2003)Primary Treasure and Our Little Friend editor Aileen Andres Sox, reports that two Primary Treasure authors were nominated for The Word Guild 2003 Canadian Writing Awards. Sox states, “Primary Treasure has two stories listed. Violet Nesdoly is nominated in the category for her story ‘Find These Bugs Almost Anywhere,’ about ants. Nesdoly has a winsome way of explaining nature and science to primary-aged children.

"Chickenbone's Courage" - Guide, November 2003

“Chickenbone’s Courage” – Guide, November 2003

“Bamboo School and the Border Police” a three-part, as-told-to story was first published in Guide, November 2003. It won The 2004 Word Guild Award in the First Person Article Category. Here it is as posted on my blog promptings.