Destiny’s Hands

The Word Awards 2013 Finalist

The Israelites have been slaves of the Egyptians for four hundred years. Nineteen-year-old Bezalel hasn’t suffered as much as most. From an early age his talents as a carver and goldsmith have assured him training and satisfying work on Pharaoh’s Pi-Ramesses craft guild. Moses’ sudden return to Goshen changes all that. His promise of deliverance followed by ten destructive plagues forces Bezalel to choose between a satisfying career in Egypt and loyalty to his people.

The nomadic existence of the wilderness presents its own challenges. Desert life has little need for goldsmiths. When Bezalel uses his skill to make a gift for the lovely Sebia, he finds himself in more trouble than he ever imagined. His idol-making expertise threatens to ensnare him. Will he ever realize his dream of using his talents in the worship of Yahweh?

“Over the years I have been intrigued with the life of Bezalel as I have read the story of the journey from Egypt to the Land of Promise. That God had in place men He had specifically gifted to create the items needed for the desert tabernacle not only produces an ‘awe’ moment, but also brings assurance that what is needed by the Church of today will also be supplied by the same fore-thinking God. What a great confidence!

Violet Nesdoly has taken us on the journey with Bezalel, bringing us up to the time where his special gifting is about to be put to use for God’s purpose. Perhaps it is time for us as readers to stop and ask the question, ‘Lord—what was I designed to do?’ May we in turn be faithful”
– Janette Oke (Author)


What people are saying:

  • “I actually couldn’t put it down!  What a great story, and what a wonderful way to bring the Bible to life – well done!” – S. Buchholz (Musician).
  • “I felt like I was on pilgrimage with Bezalel and his family. The story is powerful in that it shows the struggle between serving God or mammon and the sacrifice required when you choose to serve God” – Helen Lescheid (Author of Prayer: When Answers Aren’t Enough, Lead Kindly Light, and others).
  • “What a wonderful book …  filled with nuggets of wisdom about faith … Through your story I saw so many things in a new light … the whole story really spoke to me as a writer/artist … your book helped me to see better how to use my own gift” – Mike Mason (Author – The Blue Umbrella, Champagne for the Soul, and others).
  • “…. you feel, at times, you were there in the camp with the Israelites as they wandered in the desert…. A wonderful story rich in history” – Laura Davis (Author).
  • “Destiny’s Hands was suspenseful; it kept me turning the pages past my bedtime and I finished it in two days. (I wish I’d rationed myself, to prolong the joy!)….I highly recommend Violet Nesdoly’s Destiny’s Hands. It is a perfect example of why I read fiction” – Ramona Heikel  (Writer). Read entire review on Ramona’s blog Happily Writing.
  • “…a fresh, thoughtful look at the story of the Exodus…. strong characterization and vivid description to provide a compelling version of Moses and the Israeli exodus from Egypt. Although I’m very familiar with the biblical account, the story came alive in a new way for me.” – Ruth Snyder (Writer)
  • “…I loved the way this character and others whom we know little about in the Bible account come to life in the novel. The culmination of Bezalel’s personal and spiritual journeys with all their challenges is inspiring and encouraging…” Mary Waind (Writer) Read entire review at
  • “The novel is a gentle read that acknowledges the harshness of the times but doesn’t dwell on the suffering. Instead its focus is the characters’ journey, both physical and spiritual….I enjoyed reading Bezalel’s story and the fresh look at his people’s liberation. My only disappointment was that it stopped so soon…” – Janet Sketchley (Writer) Read entire review on Janet’s blog Tenacity.
  • “… A delightful and thought-provoking read parcelled in a fascinating story!”  – Ruth Smith Meyer (Author and Inspirational Speaker) Read entire review on Ruth’s I’ve Been Reading page.

A five-star review at Maranatha News! Reviewer Ruth Snyder writes:

  • “You feel like you’re tasting the dust and walking through the desert with the Israelites. Nesdoly causes us to examine personal beliefs in light of the amazing power of God…. I highly recommend this book.” Read entire review.

April 2013 – Destiny’s Hands is a finalist in Novel – Historical category of the 2013 Word Awards.

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14 thoughts on “Destiny’s Hands”

  1. As an artist and spiritually interested person I am fascinated by Bezalel – that God specifically chose him and filled him in order to design and oversee the intricate work of the tabernacle… I look forward to reading your account of him and his life.


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