Personal, Religious


“Communion Service,
next Sunday morning at 10:00,”
church bulletin said.
I imagined sitting there,
wafer and tiny goblet of juice in hand
trying hard not to think
of what I’ll make for lunch.
It wasn’t even a prayer, just a thought
I wish it had more meaning for me again.

Early Communion Sunday morning
the book opened to the spot
kept by the crocheted cross
“The Bread that I present to the world
so that it can eat and live
is myself,
this flesh-and-blood self.”

(Ew gross!
It offended the Jews then,
‘How can this man
serve up his flesh for a meal?’

People still say,’Your religion
is too bloody.’)

“But Jesus didn’t give an inch.
‘Only insofar as you eat and drink
the flesh and blood of the Son of Man
do you have life within you.
By eating my flesh
and drinking my blood,
you enter into me
and I into you.
… bring a hearty appetite.
… make a meal of me.”*

Oh God of heaven, Jesus, Lord
On personal invitation
I’ll chew the bread, imbibe the wine
Your presence my distraction.

I cannot with my literal mind
Pretend to understand
What happens when I eat and drink
Inscrutable, heavenly plan,

It’s mystery
And intimacy,
God with man.

© 2004 by Violet Nesdoly


This poem was first published on my blog promptings in 2004 (where still almost every weekend, seekers find it it when they Google “communion thoughts”). It’s also it in my second book Family Reunion.
*Peterson, Eugene H. The Message, the New Testament In Contemporary Language. Colorado Springs CO., Navpress, 1993, John 6 – pp. 234,235.

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