Some Words

I can think a thing a long time
with the words going
round and round
inside my head
like the gray gruel
mixing in a cement truck

but once I say those thoughts
once those words
escape my mouth
pour out
become exposed to air
everything changes.

The minute they’re out
they start to solidify.
Too late now
to scoop them up
shove them back

for they’ve already begun
to work their alchemy
changing the elements
inside me, inside you

hardening —
a shameful statue
a concrete wall
a cold gray memorial
between us.

© 2003 by Violet Nesdoly


I developed this poem from a journal entry. It has been published in several places – Poets Online, an anthology, Poetry Sharings Journal (no longer published) and Prairie Messenger. I really like the photograph that accompanies it at Prairie Messenger.

4 thoughts on “Some Words”

  1. Hi Violet:

    You’ve hit the metaphor perfectly (or as close as metaphor gets). The “Prairie Messenger” image suits well too. I remember others they’ve matched with poems (mine included) that had been so well selected.



  2. Thanks so much for coming by Don!

    Thanks too for the heads-up about your new blog. I’m looking forward to reading it regularly. Have linked it in the sidebar under “Poem Sites.”


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