Where Sonia is From

Sonia is from the sandbox,
from Cabbage Patch dolls and sidewalk chalk.
She’s from the cul-de-sec where she rode her pink bike
around and around in spring break rain.
She’s from camping and reading along with taped storybooks,
under the slanting canvas of the tent trailer.

Sonia is from strong coffee and getting up early
from Ben and Mary, Walter and Albertine
Ernie and Violet
From ‘Let’s pray about it’
and ‘You can’t get through life without piano lessons.’
She’s from puffed-wheat cake, perogies and koubassa
from hating Awana games, loving Amy Grant
and needing lots of time to put on her makeup.

Sonia is from the Alliance and Gatehouse
from Henry Bose, Surrey Traditional and Regent Academy
Avalanche, Jesus School and The Feast
She’s from school uniforms and wanting contact lenses.
She’s from science fair projects of green moldy bread,
from learning to swim at Unwin Park
and learning to draw and paint from Mrs. Moore.

She’s from the dress-up box
with its grass skirt and shell beads
its nurse apron with pockets
for the Fisher Price thermometer, stethoscope and mallet
its skipping rope with the fat handles
that made a good microphone
its lacy shawl and creamy white crinoline.
What will she be today
a dancer
a nurse
a singer
a bride?

© 2005 by Violet Nesdoly, all rights reserved


I wrote this personal poem for my daughter and read it at her wedding reception. It’s hard to believe the kids will be celebrating their five-year anniversary tomorrow. Happy Anniversary!
Writing “Where I’m from” poems developed into an internet meme a couple of years ago. You can write your own, based on the original “Where I’m From” poem by George Ella Lyons and the template here.

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