The Red Wheelbarrow (2)

This red wheelbarrow, seen on a recent trip to Saskatchewan, begged to be photographed. Now I know why. It had this message for me:

The Red Wheelbarrow (2)

is still dependable though the rain glaze has turned to frosting and the chickens are long in the freezer

© 2011 V.Nesdoly

(with apologies to William Carlos Williams)


Posted for One Shot Wednesday

9 thoughts on “The Red Wheelbarrow (2)”

    1. I like this a lot. The picture is meaningful and your opening words, “the red wheelbarrow is still dependable…” sets it off beautifully. Well said in a few words…


  1. Thanks for stopping by ‘the chubby penny’…You asked a question about the blackbirds and whether I had written about the fallen birds in Arkansas, Louisiana and California. Yes and No.

    Yes, because I was very much aware of the phenomenon and it is a concern.

    No, because the lone man and the birds are representative of helplessness and how little anything means anymore. Advertisements on the sides on busses announcing the greatness of news teams and stations represent the focus of television news…and yet they drive right the ‘little things’.

    Honestly though, sometimes I write things and later wonder what they mean. Thanks for the question and for making me thing. Have a wonderful day…and I will think about the chickens, long in the freezer. I love that transition and I have a hunch it has more meaning than frozen poultry.


  2. Sorry, I should never respond before 6AM and before a cup of coffee…

    and yet they drive right the ‘little things’.
    SHOULD BE…and yet they drive right PAST the ‘little things’.

    Freudian Slip:
    and for making me thing SHOULD BE:
    and for making me THINK

    Thanks again and I really enjoy your photography!


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