O Mocking Bassinet

O Mocking Bassinet

O mocking bassinet and now unneeded treasure hoard of pink and blue, I cannot look at you. O mutinous organ, inhospitable home full of treachery and betrayal, Why expel this tiny life most loved? O unrefreshing rain of tears and blood Fill up my heart’s black bottomless void – All that is left of motherhood.

© 2004 by Violet Nesdoly
(First published in Calendar)


Twenty-nine years ago today I was in despair. I was in hospital because my pregnancy wasn’t behaving. Sometime in the afternoon of April 8, 1982 it ended in a surgical procedure after the doctor no longer detected the baby’s heartbeat.

Quite a few years after that experience, I wrote the poem, above, in an attempt to revisit that bleak day and express the sadness of miscarriage.

I am so blessed because that wasn’t my last pregnancy!

1 thought on “O Mocking Bassinet”

  1. The first stanza of your poem contains so much of the sadness you felt. It’s very moving.

    And yes to receiving the blessing of a pregnancy again.


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