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A poem is

A poem is


15-minute stretch session
that turns into an hour-long workout

daily dose of Vitamin B Complex
empowering, strengthening, energizing

word binge of connotation, alliteration, rhyme
rich helpings of similes and metaphors

catharsis, mind-cleanse, purge
veiled in enigma to say the unsayable

one more cipher
on the cell-wall of life


gift bag bouffant with tissue
hiding surprise, humor, delight

jewelry-box dancer
twirling clear tones

rainbow-ribbon gymnast
dazzling with mental agility and color

ponderous backpack
of awakened implication, guilt, responsibility

birdsong celebration
of the ordinary but magnificent

© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly


I really enjoyed Angela Alaimo O’Donnell’s second “What is Poetry” essay on the Tweetspeak blog last week. In it she talks about writing poetry herself and how that process contains a consciousness of the reader.

Her piece reminded me of “A poem is” that I wrote in 2009. In it I tried to express my relationship with poetry, first as a writer of poems, and then as a reader of the poems of others.

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