Pashmina Goats - Ladakh (Photo by Redtigerxyz - Wikipedia)


Down-soft Pashmina shawl
of combed and carded
washed and woven moult
hugging my shoulders

how do you like
your new home
so far from hidden undercoat
of a Tibetan goat?

© Violet Nesdoly (all rights reserved)

This poem was prompted by the TS Poetry Press Cashmere writing project. It is offered in the spirit of liking to know where the things we love originate.

4 thoughts on “Cashmere”

  1. love the question in the end,
    a profound write.

    Happy Halloween,
    welcome joining us for poetry picnic, where you can share your poetry, old or new, theme related or unrelated with us.

    bless you.


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