Just when you thought the excitement was over

"Rest on the Flight Into Egypt" by Luc-Olivier Merson (1846-1920)

Just when you thought the excitement was over

I know you just fell asleep
after his midnight feed
and that you’ve had an exhausting day.

I know we’ve dreamed of living
– just the three of us –
in rooms behind the cedar-fragrant shop

and that I promised to build you
a kitchen table and new beds
when we got back to Nazareth.

I know that you can’t wait
to show him
to your mom and dad

or put him in the clothes
you stitched for him
that he is even now outgrowing.

I know that you were looking forward
to things getting back to normal.
But heaven keeps interrupting

for I’ve had that dream again.
There’s no time to delay –
we’re on our way to Egypt!

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

12 thoughts on “Just when you thought the excitement was over”

  1. Nice write, Violet! Great title, especially given the content. I like the perspective and tone of voice you’ve adopted; both seem natural and unforced, with the recognizable details good anchors. Evocative image.


  2. Great poem! The family of God next door. Sometimes He moves us into controversy instead of away from it, however, into battle after a time in the Egyptian wilderness to be prepared. The readiness of Joseph to obey the dream is inspiring and your poem captures the human drama so well.


    1. That’s a great way to look at it: “The family of God next door.” Joseph’s readiness to obey has always challenged me. It seems God was very intentional when He picked both of Jesus’ earthly parents.


    1. Thank you so much, Adele. Isn’t it a lovely picture? A friend sent a different version to me (slightly darker with starker highlights). That one was more dramatic. This one is softer and so still. I think it catches the couple’s weariness and the awe of the setting (including the sphinx) over what was happening. (Paintings like this make me wish I were a painter!)


  3. Really enjoyed this! Love the line…but heaven keeps interrupting!…and Violet, you are a painter…instead of a brush and palette, you have a pen and ink!


  4. Thank you, Laura! (I just found your comment in my ‘other’ folder – yikes!) There is more to the ‘Christmas’ story than just only the Christmas events, isn’t there?


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