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Life is a balancing act
of giving and receiving

a volley of serving
and being served

We need to learn to use
misfortune’s winds to sail us forward

jump over each day’s hurdles
without breaking stride

focus on our targets
so that we might hit them

stroke, stroke, stroke
and never stop until the race is done

anticipating the day when our herculean
efforts are rewarded

with gold, silver and bronze
in a variety of shapes and guises

—Violet Nesdoly

The photo above was our Summer Poem Swap photo for poem #4. That photo plus the games now going on in London inspired my words of homely advice about the game of life that I offer in “Medalled.”

This poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Rena at On the Way To Somewhere

(Come back next week—August 10th— when I’m hosting Poetry Friday right here!)

10 thoughts on “Medalled”

  1. It’s almost too bad that the Olympics isn’t during school time. To watch and gather inspiration is what it’s about for us viewers, isn’t it? I love that you wrote about our connection to them, what we too can take away from these amazing athletes. Thank you Violet.


  2. Yes, it is an inspirational poem – I love the way you’ve used the imagery from so many different sports – and good to read it now, watching the Olympics!


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