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Because We Prayed by Mary Haskett (review)

Because We Prayed – Mary Haskett

In Because We Prayed, author Mary Haskett examines many aspects of prayer: faith, forgiveness, the help of the Holy Spirit and the need to be sensitive to Him, spiritual warfare, what to pray for, and more. She shares her own experiences of prayer with candor and transparency and along the way weaves in her own interesting story of coming to faith.

Her delight in finding Jesus and her often child-like faith are inspirational. Here, for example, is her memory of the day she accepted Christ as her Saviour:

“Were my feet still touching the ground? I looked down—yes! But I swear I felt as if I floated down that hospital corridor. How many times did I grin to myself? How many times did I have to force myself to concentrate on the task at hand? How many times did I have to suppress the urge to hug everybody in sight—to shout ‘He’s real! He’s real! …. I had met Jesus. He had let me know He truly existed” (Kindle Location 166).

I especially liked the questions and prayer that concluded each chapter, pressing home the chapter’s personal application. Her anecdotes witness to the fact that she is herself a seasoned and sensitive pray-er who teaches from firsthand experience.

This easy-to-understand little volume would make wonderful personal devotional reading. I can see it also being used in group Bible studies.

Title: Because We Prayed
Author: Mary Haskett
Publisher: Word Alive Press, May 27, 2009, 108 pages, paperback (Kindle version also available)

  • ISBN-10: 1926676165
  • ISBN-13: 978-1926676166

2 thoughts on “Because We Prayed by Mary Haskett (review)”

  1. What a blessing this lady is to all who know her. May GOD continue to bless her and give her the strength to do all the things HE has for her to do.


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