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Writing different genres – should you?

If you take some folks seriously, you’ll write only one type of thing—short stories, or poetry, or essays. This is so you will get established and known for what you write and readers won’t be confused when they see your name (brand).

Excellent advice, I’m sure, for those who can follow it. And then there are the renegades, like Garrison Keillor, who give altogether different advice.  Have a look/listen:

Hat tip: Diane Lockward’s excellent newsletter

3 thoughts on “Writing different genres – should you?”

  1. Violet:
    Thank you for leading me to the book: “Come to Me”. It is inspiring me through several crises.
    And then today I was led to the Poetry Almanac and the seductive voice of Garrison in a podcast.Wow!
    Jeanne Poland


  2. Thanks Jeanne! So pleased you came by and left a comment. I know the author of Come to Me and she will be so pleased that her work inspired!

    Garrison Keillor is always a treat, isn’t he!


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