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The Bible Series coming to a TV near you!

I’m totally excited about a new TV mini-series scheduled to be broadcast on the History Channel, starting March 3! The Bible Series was produced by Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) and Mark Burnett (producer of “Survivor,” “Celebrity Apprentice” etc.), with music by Hans Zimmer.

I just saw the two of them interviewed on 100 Huntley Street, along with Dr. Craig Evans, one of the theologians they went to for input to help make their production biblically accurate.

Here is one of the video clips on the series’ website (

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey were also interviewed in the last few days on CTV’s Canada AM. Here are links to their two-part interview:

PART 1 – A show of biblical proportions.

PART  2 – What it was like working together, and more…

Of course the Bible Series also has a Facebook page. Add your “Like” to  the more than 119K!

5 thoughts on “The Bible Series coming to a TV near you!”

  1. I am looking forward to this biblical extravaganza–what I believe is unique among any past productions done by Hollywood (usually they tend to obscure biblical truth) because, as you said, Mark and his wife (Director and actress on Touched By An Angel, I believe) are both committed Christians and also because Professor Craig Evans, New Testament scholar is helping to keep them on tract in their portrayal of what is real history, real events, real people, etc., not some fairy tale (i.e. like the movie Jack the Giant-Killer, which is also being advertised). What I like is their desire and commitment to portray biblical history as scripture tells it, without compromise, especially when it comes to God’s supernatural working in the lives of famous biblical characters (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc.) to shape events–in truth, shape to history.

    I am thrilled about this unique production and anticipate God will greatly use it to not only strengthen the faith of Christians but to help people who have never read the Bible to understand that the Bible is not some good fairy tale, but real people, events, and places in space and time that are as much a part of our history ( in truth, foundational to our world and civilization) today as what is happening in the Israel, the Middle East and the world at large. I wondered when I was a young man in high school why there was just one brief reference to Jesus Christ in the world history text I was studying. Later, when I became a Christian I understood why? In truth, the secular establishment doesn’t regard the Bible (divine revelation) as real history. Well, the Bible has withstood its own against the biggest guns/skeptics, both inside and outside the church, for over 2000 years and the more we learn about our natural world, human nature, history, science (i.e. archaeology, physical and biological sciences, etc. ), etc. the more it has colloborated the truth of scripture, revealing itself to be God’s inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word. God bless. God bless you all. .


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