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Poetry and long-term friendship

Has poetry brought lovely, interesting, gifted people into your life? It has certainly done that for me.

My poet friend and memoirist Tracy Lee Karner (whom I’ve never met in person) posts a back-and-forth chat we had about poetry and our long-term friendship on her blog today. In it she interviews me and then answers some of my questions to her. (Lucky girl, spent a whole year studying with Patricia Fargnoli). The post is HERE.

6 thoughts on “Poetry and long-term friendship”

  1. On Tracy’s blog, you were so right that the world would be much poorer without poetry!
    While I love to read poetry and applaud those who write poetry, however, my love if for writing memoir, essays, articles, and especially short fiction.
    But as a avid reader, I fully acknowledge that my favorite novels are written by authors who were also once poets. There’s a beauty and clarity and romance of words that just doesn’t happen otherwise.


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