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The gift of people

HACwithCinnamonCoverSOne of the things I love about writing is having pieces accepted for publication. One of the things that I don’t love is the publicizing and marketing that’s needed when those publications are books. But I know I need to do my part. So when the newest Hot Apple Cider anthology (Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon) came out this fall with two of my poems in it, I decided to suck up my angst and pull my share of the marketing weight. After all, there are 61 of us and if we all do a little…

A virtual launch on Facebook was stretching! Each of us authors who signed up hosted a half hour—probably the most hectic half hour I’ve ever spent on Facebook as I tried to keep the conversation ball rolling even as I introduced a contest and answered questions. Let’s just say the refresh button of my browser got quite the workout.

Then one of the local anthology contributors scheduled an actual bookstore launch  for last Saturday.

My biggest fear for both of these book events was that no one would show up. That I’d be talking to myself on Facebook and the three of us authors would end up as our only audience at the bookstore.

I did all I could to publicize it—invited local Facebook friends and sent emails to family not on Facebook. And prayed!

Saturday came and hubby and I arrived at the store a good 15 minutes early to find the bookstore cafe, where we were to read, full of diners and nothing set up. (Maybe this would turn out even worse than I dreaded!) So we sat down and had a coffee along with everyone else. What else was there to do?

But the store person was on it. Eventually a table appeared. We got our books set up. A cousin I had contacted was there and she said more were coming. Several friends from my poetry society showed up.

When we were finally ready to introduce the book and do some reading from it, a healthy crowd had assembled. The hour and a half of the launch passed before we knew it—a success because family and friends did come out.

House of James book launch with Rose Seiler Scott and Bill Bonikowsky.
House of James book launch with Rose Seiler Scott and Bill Bonikowsky (Photos by Bill B.)

And so today I celebrate the gift of people in my life—my husband who’s game to go on these bookish escapades with me, my friends, especially the ones who know what goes into making books and appreciated the importance of a launch, and extended family who supported me by coming out and doing a little Christmas shopping too!

Plus I thank the Lord. I can just imagine Him, smiling indulgently down on me after one of these high maintenance episodes and murmuring: “O ye of little faith.”

Join us at Reading, Learning, Writing
Join us at Reading, Learning, Writing

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9 thoughts on “The gift of people”

    1. Thanks, Maureen! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Of course the marketing is way easier when the book is an anthology and we can share the load with all the contributors. The person who has done, and is doing the lion’s share of the work on this is our editor/publisher, N. J. Lindquist. I have much to learn!

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  1. Violet, congratulations on the launch. We all should be grateful for the gift of people so thank you for offering that to us. Pray works when in doubt especially when we have to prompted to have faith in what we do.

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  2. Every blessing! Congratulations! In addition of “O ye of little faith,” I imagine the Lord smiling on you and all your supporters, saying, “Well done, good and faithful servants.” Thank God for the gift of supporters–starting with the Lord Himself!

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  3. Hi Violet,

    I enjoyed and chuckled as I read about your hesitancy to promote yourself and the anthology you are part of. Since I am similarly timid about promoting myself and what I write—no books yet, I appreciate what you say and what you discovered through this book signing/reading event. What you have written has value, God is helping you get your story, and your family and friends are right behind you.

    What a wonderful and reassuring experience this has been for you. It is also good for the rest of us timid InScribers to read this story.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and your supportive family, Sharon >


    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! I think this promotion business is a challenge for most of us–especially the introverts among us. I really appreciate your encouragement. May you and yours have a beautiful and Merry Christmas!


  4. Congratulations on the anthology! Book launches — especially poetry readings — can range so widely in the size of the crowd. No matter if there are a handful of listeners or its standing room only, my favorite part is always meeting and reading with the other authors.


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