Blenheim Days

My mind is on summer, especially with a morning as glorious as this one (at least where I live)! Combing my poem stash for summer poems, I found the one below that puts me back quite a few years to a time during my university days when I lived on a Vancouver street just a short walk from Kits Beach and a bus ride from downtown’s trendy Robson Street. (For a girl from the prairies, this was storybook summer living!)

Vancouver Beach, 2014 – V. Nesdoly

Blenheim Days

In a brisk ten-minute walk
past rose hedges and patchouli cedars
I can be with lolling freighters on English Bay
strolling the waterfront of Kitsilano Park
mingling with tanned and muscled joggers
passing head-banded, guitar-strumming buskers
surrounded by the lingering coconut scent
of the day’s sunscreen
on evening’s heavy, warm, gold-tinted air.
I dream tomorrow’s outing…
I’ll buy a juicy nectarine or two
at the corner store where I catch the No. 4
to a Robson Street adventure.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

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27 thoughts on “Blenheim Days”

  1. Did you make the PF graphic here? Thanks for the trip to Vancouver in your poem. The lingering scent of sunscreen takes me back to summer beach trips with my family.


    1. Hi Margaret, About the graphic, no, I’ve seen it around on several Poetry Friday blogs and thought someone had officially sanctioned this new graphic…(I’ve been away for a few weeks and thought perhaps I’d missed something.) Maybe I shouldn’t be using it, but I thought it was a nice change.

      Ah, the smell of sunscreen… It’s probably a summer memory for many. Love how smells drift one back into another time and place.

      Violet Nesdoly *********************************** Website: Twitter: @vnesdoly Facebook Author Page Violet on LinkedIn


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  2. The last three lines sound like the beginning of a song, Violet. Thanks for sharing the poem, but also its back-story!


    1. Thank you, Laura! A song you say… interesting. I took a trip down memory lane with Joni Mitchell last night. As I’m re-reading those last lines, I’m hearing her lyrical voice. I wonder what she could have spun from those.



  3. Hi Violet! Loved your poem evoking Vancouver. I’ve never been to the NW but it reminded me of my glorious grad school days when I first moved to Cambridge, away from boring old Connecticut.


  4. You’ve managed to capture a beautiful time in your life, Violet. I too love those last lines of looking ahead again, so full of sublime feelings. And that first picture, the bubble, it shows the good times too.


  5. Violet, this reminds me so much not of any visit to Vancouver but of those times when we are all alone with our sense impressions, when we have freedom to make plans and decisions, when every experienced is heightened by simple undivided attention. Love it!


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