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A poem about my name!

It’s a real treat to get anything by snail mail these days. When that envelope in the mail contains a poem, that’s a double treat. When that poem is from our own Tabatha Yeatts and it celebrates one’s own name, that’s a treat in multiples!

Tabatha sent me this poem about violets for round one of the summer poem swap. I learned history about my name that I never knew (and was inspired to be a better violet.)

Violets (Image: Pixabay)

violet poem

Thank you, Tabatha, for organizing this summer poem swap, and for composing and sending this treasure!


poetryfridayThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Carol Varsalona at Beyond Literacy Link.

Next week the round-up is hosted by Tabatha Yeatts. In honour of National Macaroni and Cheese Day on July 14th, next week’s roundup will have an optional Mac-N-Cheese theme (I’m drooling already)!

14 thoughts on “A poem about my name!”

  1. Oh, that is PERFECT. What a lovely poem from Tabatha….frameable for sure. I have a very young second-cousin named Violet. I may have to share this with her….or simply borrow the idea to write one for her age. I love how they were a signature flower for an emperor…these delicate beautiful buds. Enjoy the day!

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  2. The swap is a joy, isn’t it? This poem for you, Violet, about violets, is very special. The research is new to me, too, but I do know one person who’s shared that she’s made violet jelly! You are making your mark on the world, Violet, with poetic thumbprints!

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  3. Wow, Violet, Tabatha did some great research to come up with such an interesting poem for you. Your mother gave you a beautiful name and you wear it well.


  4. Can I change my name to Violet!??? What an amazing history and a clever poem! You wear it well!


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