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Nourished by music (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

sjt-2017-graphicToday is the first Thursday of September and time for the monthly Spiritual Journey Thursday post. This month we’re hosted by Ramona, who is discussing her one-little-word for 2017 – NOURISH (what a fabulous word!).

One of the first things that comes to mind as soul and spirit nourishment for me is music. Though its delivery has changed over the years (from records, to eight tracks, to  cassette tapes, to CDs to, now, a streaming service), my appetite for and enjoyment of it hasn’t diminished. If anything it has increased.

When I joined Spotify (a music streaming service) a vast array of music was suddenly available to me at a tap of an app. Wow! In browsing around this huge resource, I stumbled on some ready-made playlists of worship music that introduced me to songs and artists I had never heard before. One such was Audrey Assad.

The first song of hers that snagged my attention was “Even Unto Death.” Her beautiful clear voice and the haunting melody begged to be replayed. Then the lyrics of this love song to Jesus captured my heart.

I found the song on YouTube (Audrey’s own channel), sung against the stark but stunning visuals of a snowy landscape. Even more moving, though, is Audrey’s own explanation of her inspiration to write this song—an ISIS video no less!

You can hear the song and Audrey’s explanation of why she wrote it below:

This song, along with others, is now part of my own worship playlist which is growing regularly as I discover more songs that nourish my soul and spirit.


10 thoughts on “Nourished by music (Spiritual Journey Thursday)”

  1. Violet, I, too, am nourished by music! Thank you for this introduction to Audrey’s music. The video that inspired her is difficult to watch. I”m glad she was able to give the world something beautiful from it. Thank YOU for bringing beauty to us today! xo
    p.s. I love Spotify! Resisted a subscription for a long time but now can’t remember life without it. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Irene! Yes, difficult to watch indeed but I would say Audrey has brought out some diamonds from that dark place. Me too about Spotify. They’d better not ever go away or I’ll be lost!

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  2. What a beautiful and powerful song. Music touches my heart, also, and gives me a way to express my heart to the Lord. Thank you for sharing this, Violet. I feel a little like I’ve dropped off the map lately, but there are good things happening, nourishing me, but just keeping me very busy. Know that I think of you often.


  3. I love Audrey Assad. I discovered her from a blog post by our bishop. I’ve even sung one of her songs as a solo in church. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. The story behind the song provides a context, but I found it disturbing. It’s hard to view that kind of intolerance for the beliefs of others. You’ve introduced me to a new artist which is one of the things I’ve always enjoyed on SJT. Thanks for reminding me of the nourishing power of music. I’m glad you shared how your worship playlist is growing. I’m not a Spotify user, but your words tempt me.

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  5. Violet, there is so much hatred in the world and though it is showcased in this video, Audrey brings a level of spirituality to this moment. Her voice speaks to me and soothes some rough edges. Kindness matters and her video shows that man’s inhumanity to man is not to be tolerated. It is good that the Lord is with us in dark moments.


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