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Advent Preparations

Welcome to December! In this month’s blogs, I’ll be sharing poems with you—mostly reflections on Christmas. In this first poem, I write about what I’ve spent most of yesterday and today doing: decorating my home for Christmas. At our house that’s a pretty predictable process. But not all Christmas preparations are as easy to list.

Advent Preparations

Pull Christmas out of the crawl space
blow dust off pine cones
fluff up ruffles,
arrange wired ribbon
hang Christmas plate
and Mom’s embroidery
test music box
find Christmas candles
and chip last year’s wax off the holders
unpack green and red mugs
untangle lights and find the empty socket
plug in the angel who carries the candle
twist a starry night
around the creche where baby Jesus
is now taking visitors
relax the two-hundred pre-lit tips
trim with coordinated balls
and reflect, as I vacuum needle, cone and glitter bits
If only preparing my heart for Advent
was so simple and straightforward a process.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly – All Rights Reserve

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