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The sun rises on something new

Happy New Year!

Here we are, already seven days into 2022. How is the year treating you so far? Have you made (and perhaps broken) resolutions? Are you trying something new?

I am!

My family knows what to give me at Christmas these days. A gift card to my favourite art supply store gets 5 stars every time. I spent some of that gift money last Friday on a set of water-mixable oil paints. Learning to paint with oils is one of the new things I am embarking on this year.

As with most new ventures, I watch videos and purchase books to help me learn what I need to know about using them, taking care of them etc. On January 1st I opened those fat juicy tubes and tried them out. I’m following oil painting lessons in the book The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted by Kathleen Staiger.

The first lesson took me through learning brush strokes. After I’d done the drills, I was left with a lot of paint on my palette. Not wanting to waste it (or attempt to salvage it in some dinky way), I decided to do a painting of my own.

I pulled out a tiny (5×7 inch) canvas I had on hand, chose a reference photo from my albums and proceeded to mix the colours I’d need. Since my basic Cobra set consists of only the primary colours, white, and green, I dug into my experience with mixing watercolours to get the colours I needed. I think I got close.

Here is my first oil painting.

The Sun Rises on Something New – Oil on canvas, 5x7x.5 inches

Another thing I learned about oils through reading and painting this little piece, is that oils take a lot longer to dry than watercolours or acrylics. This painting was finally dry to the touch about five days after I’d painted it (and I read that even then it’s not fully dry, but can take months to cure thoroughly). The nice part about that is that you can make wee changes hours, even a day or so after the painting is finished. I’m so looking forward to learning more about painting in this classic medium.

That’s my new venture for 2022. What’s yours?

Now I leave you with a thoughtful and beautiful poem/quote that dialogues with the hopes and dreams of many artists at the beginning of a new year.  

On Praying and Painting

Both need to be done often.
Both need to be done actively.
Both need to be done with attention and intention.
Both need to be done with thanksgiving.
Both need to be done with faith, confidence, and courage.
Both need to be done expecting the best.
Both need to be done in mindfulness, vulnerability of heart, and a grateful spirit.
Both need to be done with requests.
Both need to be done with clarity, curiosity, and certainty.
Both need to be done knowing that connections were made and will be made.
Both need to be done believing the Spirit is at work in you, knowing without a doubt, He’s not finished with you yet.

“As my oil painting teacher (Mr. Hall) often said, ‘Paint (and Pray) knowing our Heavenly Father is near, and when people see your work, they’ll know God exists.”

By artist Steve Puttrich (@steveputtrich) on Instagram.

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