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Pandemic response–through art and poetry

Last summer the community outreach coordinator at our church had the idea to build and plant a community garden right on church property. It was a lovely spot, which I couldn’t resist painting.

In the fall, I entered my painting in an art and poetry contest sponsored by the Christian Courier magazine. The contest, called “Map and Mend,”  was a challenge to depict through art or blackout poetry how the pandemic had been an agent of mapping the way forward, even as we were challenged to mend aspects of our lives that were torn during the Covid-19 pandemic.   

My entry, along with my explanation of how it fit the theme, is below.

This summer our church’s community outreach coordinator inspired volunteers to build a community garden right on church property. Needy people from the community (who did not need to be connected to the church) and others grew produce to feed their families and supply a community feeding program. Isn’t a physical garden on church property, with its variety, stages of growth, need for cultivation and nurture, and resulting fruitfulness a wonderful picture of the church’s role in the world?  A garden mends hunger, even as it maps a Kingdom of God lifestyle of care, cooperation, cultivation, harvest, and so much more—all things a healthy church does too.

Though my entry was not a top three winner, to my surprise it did earn an Honorable Mention.

Check out the all the winners of the art and poetry contest HERE.

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