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It’s All About Love – review

It’s All About Love: Confessions of a Caregiver by John Murray

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When John Murray’s wife Rita was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease just over 13 years ago, it wasn’t a big deal to them. However, in the years following, the disease has impacted the life of this senior couple in increasing measure. It’s All About Love: Confessions of a Caregiver is John Murray’s exposé of the life of a caregiver.

In eight chapters Murray tells us a bit about their life before the disease hit, how Rita’s Parkinson’s has impacted them in a multitude of ways (I found his description of a typical day most revealing), what is required of a caregiver, its limits, how faith in God has and is helping him and his wife cope, and how they view the future.

In Part Two, Murray addresses fellow and potential caregivers, discussing some helpful practices for caregivers–like learning about the disease, keeping up with medications, and self-care for the caregiver.

The book concludes with a bibliography of resources he has referenced and books that fellow caregivers may find helpful.

This is by no means a “poor me” book—though one can’t help but feel sympathy and empathy for and with Rita and John. I especially appreciate the loving and respectful way Murray refers to his wife. What a love story! I am inspired by his can-do yet realistic attitude toward what he refers to as his privilege and honour:

“… I will always say it has been a privilege and honour to care for her. Why? Because she is special, she is special, she is my princess, my Rita” – p. 78.

This book would be a great gift for current and potential caregivers. It provides both encouragement (reassuring caregivers that they are not alone) and caregiving advice, dispensed from a wealth of day-to-day experience.

This book is part of my Kindle collection.

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