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Shopping the Sales (and “Disappointment” – poem)

It seems the weekend of American Thanksgiving has taken on a special place in our North American economy with its accompanying sales. “Black Friday” is no longer one day but has morphed into a shopping monster that lasts a whole month, surely all the days following the Friday after US Thanksgiving. (I just got a notice for specials on “Cyber Monday”!)

Not to be left behind, I am having a sale in my art shop–30% off all paintings until November 30th. Original art may be a thoughtful and appropriate gift for someone on your list. If you think so, I’d be thrilled if you checked out the offerings at Violet Nesdoly Art.

Often, though, consumerism ends in disappointment. I hope the following is not your experience after shopping the Black Friday etc. sales this year.


Specials in all departments!

Food and Grocery
Huge Savings!!
* lumpy gravy
* flat pop
* rancid nuts
* peppers, gone soft.
Special shipment: perogies that taste nothing like mom’s
One only: nearly empty box of chocolates – only orange centers remaining
With every order – No Free Refill!!

Leisure and Recreation
Door Crasher Specials
* Rainy wedding-days
* Sunless holidays
* Summer cottages with no view
* Special shipment of cancelled concerts,
and cancelled flights.
* Manufacturer’s Specials:
1000-piece puzzle with one missing piece.

Clothing and Footwear
One only: Almost new coat with moth holes.
Priced to clear:
* Large shipment of new shoes guaranteed to blister feet on first wearing
* Sweaters that shrink on laundering, or dry short and wide – Your Choice!

House and Garden
Midnight Madness Special – smoking fireplaces.
Warehouse Specials for Green Thumbs!
* Daffodil and tulip greens with no blooms
* Tent caterpillars plagues
* Grasshopper infestations
* Aphid-eaten roses
* Blighted tomatoes
Limited quantity of early and late frosts
January clearance on Summer Hailstorms!

Business and Office
‘NO’ Sell-A-Bration!!
* No email
* No letter
* No phone call
* No sale

© 2004 – Violet Nesdoly (from my first chapbook Calendar)

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