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Golden hour February & other goodies

Time rushes on! It’s hard to believe that this weekend we’re already into Daylight Saving Time. They say time flies when you’re having fun… so I must be having a ball.

As a new enrollee of Acrylic University, I have learned so much in the last month. Besides taking advantage of Jed Dorsey’s weekly mini painting challenge tutorials and accessing the weekly Acrylic University Journey events (painting tutorials, critique sessions, visiting artist interviews etc.), I have poked around in the AU Library. I have completed Composition 101 and am nearing the end of Perspective 101. When viewing these lessons, I am reminded of what an editor of mine used to say: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That is very true about my art knowledge.

The lessons on perspective have been interesting and caused me to look back over some of my works and realize that the perspective is off. I remember learning two-point perspective from our art teacher in public school. But that’s a long time ago and I’m pretty rusty.

It was a challenge to sketch houses in photos supplied by instructor Dianna Shyne, trying to get the angles right using two-point perspective. Reference photo on top, my sketch below.

Dianna also demonstrated a tool for determining where to place power poles / fence posts etc. as they diminish into the distance. It works like magic!

During February, the emphasis was on painting the golden hour—that hour before sunset and after sunrise when the light is golden and the shadows are long. Here are some golden hour and other pieces I painted during February.

“Golden Hour on the Beach” – Acrylic on canvas panel 11 x 13.75 inches. (Reference photo: Lori Hale)
“Late Light Shed” – Acrylic on paper, 5×7 inches (done in a tutorial with Jed Dorsey).
“Canon Beach” – Acrylic on paper, 5×7 inches (done in a tutorial with Jed Dorsey).
“Golden Vineyard” – Acrylic on paper, 5×7 inches (done in a tutorial with Jed Dorsey).

I also did a couple of paintings with subjects of my own choosing.

“Ladies of the Haymow” – Acrylic on canvas panel, 8×8 inches (Reference photo by WenPhotos – Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet).
“Radishes” – Acrylic on canvas panel 5×7 inches (reference photo by Dennis Pfeil).

That’s it for today! We’re currently into March and exploring “Intimate Gardens.” So I’ll probably be back in a month or so to share some garden art with you.

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