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Wild Rose Roundabout (NPM ’16-Day 29)

Wild Rose Roundabout I unfurl my face to you— now that it’s almost May. It was a juicy April with lots of wet-root days. To January and February’s sparrows and chickadees my shriveled red ancestors were food. Leaves paled and lost their grip driven crazy by November’s gales. Ripening in August heat, hard green hips… Continue reading Wild Rose Roundabout (NPM ’16-Day 29)


Nicomekl Nightlife (NPM ’16-Day 26)

My poetry buddy, Laurel, and I walk different sections of the same path—a gravel and asphalt trail that follows Nicomekl Creek. Her yesterday’s poem, "Nicomekl’s Regulars,” about the people that walk the path,  was pitch-perfect. But the path—at least the section of it that my husband and I walk—has another  cast of characters with another… Continue reading Nicomekl Nightlife (NPM ’16-Day 26)


National Poetry Month #eatingpoetry

Welcome to April and National Poetry month! What are you planning to do to celebrate poetry this month? Read more poetry? You could start by subscribing to The Writer's Almanac and/or Your Daily Poem to get a new poem emailed to you each morning. Write more poems? Several websites deliver a new poetry prompt each… Continue reading National Poetry Month #eatingpoetry

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August Here already —with your brown lawns and leggy baskets blushing tomatoes and blackening berries, hairy, husky ears of corn? Your arrival means it’s time for our last summer fling on ferry boats to azure islands where we’ll walk beaches with nervous crickets and hungry wasps hunt shells, snap starfish read in the dappled shade… Continue reading August