Nicomekl Nightlife (NPM ’16-Day 26)

My poetry buddy, Laurel, and I walk different sections of the same path—a gravel and asphalt trail that follows Nicomekl Creek. Her yesterday’s poem, "Nicomekl’s Regulars,” about the people that walk the path,  was pitch-perfect. But the path—at least the section of it that my husband and I walk—has another  cast of characters with another… Continue reading Nicomekl Nightlife (NPM ’16-Day 26)

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Houston Trail – Langley BC

Houston Trail - Langley BC Peacock ferns, prehistoric, lush draw us into the dim, cedar-canopied wood. Uprooted trunks sprawl, branches arc, snapped limbs leap in frozen pirouettes. Slim apparitions forever grope, reach, grasp a menagerie of many-appendaged moon monsters sculpted from dripping filigree and moss macramé. Victim of the spell in Mother’s warning: “If you… Continue reading Houston Trail – Langley BC