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The Ishbane Conspiracy (review)

The Ishbane Conspiracy by Angela Alcorn My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Sometimes the best way to see a thing is to look at its opposite,” says Randy Alcorn, quoting A.W. Tozer in his “Note to Readers.” The opposite is something of which we get large chunks in The Ishbane Conspiracy—a novel by Alcorn and… Continue reading The Ishbane Conspiracy (review)

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An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare (review)

An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: 20 Battle Tested Strategies from Behind Enemy Lines by Kristine McGuire My rating: 5 of 5 stars When, one day, a man asked Kristine McGuire, “What is spiritual warfare?” she was surprised. McGuire, who describes herself as aware of spiritual things since childhood, had never realized people might not… Continue reading An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare (review)

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Deliver Us From Evil (review)

Deliver Us from Evil: A Pastor's Reluctant Encounters with the Powers of Darkness by Don Basham My rating: 4 of 5 stars In Deliver Us From Evil Don Basham tells the story of his deliverance ministry. The mindset Basham started out with would never have predicted such a career. He was irritated when a fellow… Continue reading Deliver Us From Evil (review)