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My Mother the Man-Eater – review

My Mother the Man Eater by Tracy KraussMy rating: 4 of 5 stars MA host of issues resurface when Joleen Allen’s ex-husband Harold—newly out of prison—sues her for a bundle of money. Does he even have a case? What (besides the money) is his motive? Joleen suspects a main one is to turn their five… Continue reading My Mother the Man-Eater – review

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Strange Faces (review)

Strange Faces by Linda Hall My rating: 5 of 5 stars The last time I enjoyed a book of short stores as much as I did Strange Faces by Linda Hall, it was authored by Alice Munro. Strange Faces has some similarities. Like the characters in Munro’s books, Hall’s are all ordinary people—housewives, mechanics, teachers.… Continue reading Strange Faces (review)

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Vampire Defense by James D. Bell (review)

When John Brooks is assigned  to defend Hal Boyd on arson and four murder charges it looks like his reputation as a brilliant lawyer is finally destined to hit the big time. That is, until he announces the vampire defense, a plea that his client was insane because he was convinced the man he killed… Continue reading Vampire Defense by James D. Bell (review)