Form poems, light, Rondeau

Berry Season


In Krause’s fields the berries lie
‘neath Fraser Valley’s June-blue sky.
They fantasize a fate of fame
on platter for M’sieur, Madame:
“Discriminating — come and buy!

“Or if you ring us round, a pie
with glistening glaze to glorify
we’re fine with that, or set in flan,”
from Krause’s fields.

July sun swelters… “Hear our cry!
It seems we’ve set our sights too high.
We’ll modify and reprogram
and gladly now consent to jam,
leather or juice. Pick, or we die
in Krause’s fields.”

© 2003 Poets Online


This was another poem written in response to a prompt at Poets Online. This prompt challenged us to write a poem in the form of a Rondeau. You will, I’m sure, recognize in this poem the echoes of “In Flander’s Fields” by John McCrae, which is the most well-known Rondeau. A friend of mine who read “Berry Season” didn’t like it at all. She felt it trivialized the McCrae poem. How do you feel about it?

2 thoughts on “Berry Season”

  1. Your poem balances Andrea’s nicely as it’s told from the strawberry’s point of view. Interesting that both reference a kind of death. BTW, I don’t think your poem trivializes McCrae’s. 🙂


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