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A January week

I have returned to an old habit—following the Capture Your 365 daily photo prompt challenge (#CY365), and pairing the photos with a few lines. I'm finding it’s really quite doable if I keep up with it. So, without ado, here are some of this week’s captures: Last Saturday’s prompt was WITH WORDS. Here is the… Continue reading A January week

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Dear After-Christmas Leftovers

I love this week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day! After the busy time of shopping and gifting and cooking and hosting, it’s wonderful to sink back into the chair of “it’s all over!” These days do have their hazards, though. This little breakup note to the Christmas leftovers is a poem I wrote… Continue reading Dear After-Christmas Leftovers

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Take a hike

A week ago today the Capture Your 365 photo prompt was “Take a hike.” On my walk that day I photographed several woodsy hiking paths, pondering all the while what other ways I could interpret the prompt. Then, walking through Portage Park, past a newly installed shelter and picnic tables (probably saw them for the… Continue reading Take a hike

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Book Lover’s Day

I’m sharing another of my Summer Shorts poems today. August 9th was Book Lover’s Day. As soon as I saw that challenge on my list of Capture Your 365 prompts, I knew what my photograph would be. I pass this whimsical tree whenever I do my creek walk in the morning. He has always caught… Continue reading Book Lover’s Day

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Parade—band, balloons horses, bulls, flags, floats, tractors and candy vultures! © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *********** It’s parade season! These photos were taken last year when we were visiting the kids/grandkids in Dawson Creek. The Friday noon parade introduced a weekend of rodeo fun! For more poetry fun, visit Poetry Friday, hosted… Continue reading Parade!

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Tablet Life

Tablet life Tablet life is swipable expandable and squeezable pushable and snappable all at your fingertips Clickable and searchable tap and type and drawable a workout for your head and hands but not the best for hips. © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************** Do you own a tablet (or smartphone—that might be… Continue reading Tablet Life

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“Glider crash lands on store”

“Glider Crash Lands on Store” The kid set his glider down on the roof. No, I’m not kidding it isn’t a spoof. He’s a registered pilot not prankster or goof. It sounded like lumber that fell off a truck. The plane made a hole and the pilot was stuck near traffic lights, wires— incredible luck!… Continue reading “Glider crash lands on store”

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Texture poem

Texture Poem CORduROYcorDUroyCORduROY WHICKwhackWHICKwhackWHICKwhack taDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDA warmCOLDwarmCOLDwarmCOLDwarm HAPPYsadHAPPYsadHAPPYsadHAPPYsad SUNmonTUEwedTHUfriSATsunMONtue... janFEBmarAPRmayJUNjulAUGsepOCTnovDEC © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** Prompt - Inspiration Write a poem that highlights (puts in relief like braille) a particular texture: gritty or smooth, rubbery or sharp, slimy or dry. Do whatever you can with language and imagery to achieve this sensory… Continue reading Texture poem

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On Saturday the writing prompt at NaPoWriMo included a Paris Review interview of Kay Ryan. In it I discovered that she enjoys using clichés as inspiration: I often find myself thinking in clichés. I’ll urge myself on with various bromides and chasten myself with others. When I want to write they’re one way to start… Continue reading Limelight