Mrs. Beasley Packed Her Purse

Picture 1Mrs. Beasley packed her purse
fearing things would just get worse:

gloves and flippers, skates and socks
lotion for the chicken pox

rain umbrella, steaks and fries
drops and goggles for her eyes

cell phone, blanket, tire jack
a map so she could make it back

pound of breath mints, whistle, mace
sun-screen to protect her face

shovel, ladder, power bar
a plastic cover for the car

a barbecue, a four-inch book
a frying pan so she could cook

a deck of cards, a game of chess
her handbag really was a mess,

prepared for all she could foresee
any eventuality

but worse it got, and most unfunny –
she left her credit cards and money!

© 2004 Calendar (Also won first place in ByLine Humorous Poetry Contest, 2003, and published in Poetic Spirits of the Valley, 2006)

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