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Mom Nesdoly

It is just like God
to send you on ahead.
Now we can hardly wait
to walk up the geranium-lined path
to your mansion.

On the way inside
you will steer us past your garden
point out the gargantuan beefsteak tomatoes
bushes heavy with raspberries
field of cucumbers
huge heads of cabbage
perfect for sauerkraut.

Inside will be fragrant
with a banquet of koubassa
cabbage rolls and perogies
– prune, sauerkraut, potato and cheese –
turkey, vegetables, dressing
and potatoes.
When we’ve stuffed ourselves
with all this
you’ll pass around the coffee
press us to have still more –
poppy seed cake, pineapple pudding
your famous wild cranberry tarts.

Then, after eons of catching up
and we’re loaded down with jars
of sweet pickles and carrot pudding
packets of Christmas cake
– light and dark –
you’ll kiss us goodbye
and there will be no tears
at the parting.

© 2006 – V. Nesdoly


This poem was first published in my mother-in-law’s funeral bulletin, April 2006. It is also in the book Family Reunion.

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