We did not know our old house
had such lovely bones
until we put her on a diet.
All her flab
from furniture to knickknacks
Frumpy wardrobe of linoleum
A facelift of paint
took years off
dinged and battered walls.
Finally we coifed her
with a new roof.
Now svelte and chic
she’s on clutter-free maintenance
striking a coy pose
on the MLS
and making bling eyes
at the local realtor.

© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly


This poem was first published in 2009, in River of Words, a collection of poems by members of the MSA Poets Potpourri Society. It was inspired by our move in 2007. The photo, above, is our kitchen / dining-room just after we covered the old linoleum with new flooring. (You’ll notice I wasn’t kidding when I talk about that knickknack diet. We were well into packing by this time; even the shelves of the china cabinet were bare!)

2 thoughts on “Makeover”

  1. Oooooh, I like this a lot! I think I am actually going to go clean now, inspired by your words. Thank you – I needed that!
    Found you on Miss Rumphius where I also enjoyed your “Black” poem. (We almost named our daughter Violet, but with VanDerwater as a last name, it was just too much!)


  2. Thanks for coming by, Amy! I have checked out your Poem Farm – looks like there’s lots of eye-harvesting potential there… will be back! (Yes, Violet VanDerwater would have been an interesting combo?:)


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