Abecedarium, Form poems, light

Langley to Kamloops ABC

Avalanche area at A&W
Bridal Falls & Box Canyon.
Check your fuel through critical accident zone
Dinotown to Dry Gulch.
Exit east onto
Flood Hope road & Falls Lake.
Gas up for the Gold Rush Trail.
Hope for huge savings and
Important route information at
Jones Lake & Juliet Creek.
Keep right except to pass Kamloops.
Lear at Langley.
Merge to Merritt, maximum 50
No hitchhiking north on Nicola Road
Popkum, Portia, Peters or
Rest area & road information at Rona.
Slower traffic keep right to Skinny’s Grill
Two or Ten-Mile Creek.
Use winter tires or carry chains
Via 1, via 3 via 5. Vision limited in tunnel
When amber flashing & for wide load.
X for the train then
Yield to the Yanke bound for

© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly


An Abecedarian (or Abecedarium – according to John Drury’s Poetry Dictionary) is a poem that is arranged according to the alphabet. I composed the abecedarium above from a collection of roadside signs, store signs, even stuff written on vehicles that I noted on one of our trips from Langley to Kamloops B.C. (The gas price in the photo above isn’t current and *whew* are we glad for that! But that was the price in August 2008!)

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