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Jennifer Jones, team Canada’s skip, about to deliver her rock at a 2008 international women’s curling tournament in Vernon, B.C.


In the hack and grip your rock
crouch and graceful glide precise
eyes on broom across the sheet
send the stone along the ice.

Skip is yelling from the house
to the sweepers, “Hurry hard!”
Rock is light and slowing fast
comes to rest, a perfect guard.

Rival stone sits in the rings
they would dearly love to steal.
“Throw a bullet,” is the call,
“sweep it clean, we want to peel.”

Now the house is getting full
rocks in twelve-foot, four-foot, eight
try the double, watch the jam
need to throw a lot of weight!

It’s our hammer and last rock
draw to button a clear shot
sweep for line and watch it curl –
it looks easy, but it’s not!

© 2011 by V. Nesdoly

It’s the week of the Scott Tournament of Hearts — a week-long curling bonspiel that pits women’s rinks from Canada’s provinces and territories against each other.

If there’s one game I love to watch it’s curling. I love the fact that there’s athleticism and strategy involved (curling has been called ‘chess on ice’). I love it that ordinary women (moms, teachers, accountants, pharmacists, lawyers) from small-town Canada get to be in the spotlight. I enjoy the pace of the game, and the way it’s televised, so that you can see the look on the players’ faces, watch the progress of the rock along the ice, get to see the great shots replayed. It will take a lot of self-discipline for me to get anything done this week (with three games a day and each several hours long).

I wrote the ditty, above, several years ago while watching a Scotties (women’s competition) or a Brier (men’s tournament). It uses a a bit of the game’s vocabulary, and was fun to write (as rhyming poems usually are).

Roar of the Rings video (below) was the December 2009 Canadian trials to choose the Canadian men’s and women’s teams for the 2010 Olympics. If you’re unfamiliar with curling, it will show you how exciting the game can be when the players make those impossible shots.


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3 thoughts on “Curling”

  1. I’ve always thought curling was one of the most fascinating sports. Clearly, it has a language all its own. I think I understand it a little better now, having watched the video. Amazing!


  2. Wow, I watched the video and still wasn’t sure what to make of it all. There’s not much curling OR hockey in Southern California! (and yes, I know about the Kings and the Ducks. As I say, there’s not much hockey in Southern California!) Anyway, I came over from LL Barkat’s blog. Well done on the poem! Blessings and All the Best!


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