Ekphrastic, Religious


“The Show Must Go On” by Jacob Lucas

(© Jacob Lucas – Used with permission)


After the curtain has tattered after the floor is rot after the plaster has blistered and all the windows are shot after the seats are vacant hauled away to the dump after the cabinet's ravished script is a sodden lump still the tree, river-rooted flourishes center-stage leafy and bountifully fruited into a ripe old age

© 2011 by V. Nesdoly


I wrote this poem for the Photo Prompt Challenge which happens at the One Stop Poetry Blog. This week Chris Galford interviews Seattle photographer Jacob Lucas (who took the photo for the prompt).

You’re welcome to join the challenge. Read the interview here, then scroll down in the post to the challenge photo and directions on how to participate.

2 thoughts on “Blessed”

  1. This is quite beautiful. Yet another original take on today’s prompt. I like especially how the real world of the tattered and torn contrast to the painted world where life continues to flourish and hope is flowering in a kind of reversal of roles / where theater is real and the world sublime. Well done. Gay


  2. Like how you focus on the details of the stage set and then even take the reader out of this scene to a garbage dump. Making the tree river rooted is a nice touch, thus as part of the scene it draws energy from underground.


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