Baby Afghans

Baby Afghans

A baby's on the way and doesn't every baby need an afghan made by Grandma? I always was a knitter but if you drop a stitch knitting is a headache plus it’s hard to talk or listen while tangoing two needles through a cable pattern. So I picked  crochet Crosshatch from Ultimate Stitch Sourcebook yarn from Wal-Mart. Now twelve months later I’m on afghan number five and going strong. Let’s hook up for coffee visit over doubles, triples chains and skips repeats and turns 'cause lots of babies still need afghans.

© 2011 by V. Nesdoly

This poem is linked at One Shot Wednesday on the One Stop Poetry blog.

9 thoughts on “Baby Afghans”

  1. Liked this one…especially the ending, and I even understood the knitting jargon…my mother used to knit and many years ago when I was a teenager I broke my foot and was in a cast for several months…long story short, I crocheted an afghan (and won a bet). Still have it somewhere.


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