Photo © 2011 by V. Nesdoly


forge poems from elements of experience
experience grown pliable in fire of memory
memory of emotion and story gathered in words
words heated and handled cautiously with pencil-hammer
hammer softened elements into a piece of writing that’s new
new use for something on recollection’s shelf
shelve it to cool and await its next reincarnation on the forge

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


Linked at “Random Acts of Poetry: What’s In A Word?” – The High Calling.org

6 thoughts on “wordsmith”

  1. Intense imagery!!

    How well have you expressed how experiences are molded into fine poems like yours- those experiences leave you with memories or maybe you can let the muse stroke you to write them down beautifully..

    Hugs xx


  2. I’m so pleased to see your poem among the others at THC. And how good it is! You’ve used some wonderful images – fire of memory, words heated and handled, pencil-hammer, hammer-softened elements, recollection’s shelf, reincarnation on the forge – that show us how we create, use, and remember what we speak.


  3. Wooww!! This is simply brilliant!! I loved the way you have expressed it here.. the entire “process” of writing.. from thought to word.. very nicely done!! And I really dig the form of poetry too – the last word – first word thing… it worked beautifully here!!


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