Master Gardener’s Touch

Master Gardener’s Touch

You blossom
a rose of dark beauty
and haunting fragrance.

I was the anxious gardener
fretting when life’s squalls
toil, loneliness, misunderstandings
buffeted you.
Too protective I neglected to prune
suckers of self-indulgence
pinch off messiness, self-pity
redirect a tendency to sulk.

The Master Gardener must have taken
His secateurs to you
for your petals that lately unfurl
are not the fruit of my
tentative touch.

© 2004 by V. Nesdoly


Some years ago I wrote the above poem about my daughter, which not only expresses how I feel about her, but also some of my insecurities as a mother. It’s hard to believe she’s already a mother herself!

This post is linked today at FaithBarista where the challenge is to “Share how you experience God in one of the following areas: Mother’s Day, motherhood or a mom relationship.”


1 thought on “Master Gardener’s Touch”

  1. Hi Violet – your poetry is beautifully intense – and it accomplishes in just a few verses a lot of passion and punch. Thank you for sharing your heart through this poetry. And blessing us in the jam with it!


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