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My son's play quilt designed and made by my Mom


When Mom was in the middle
of planning her next cross-stitch
crafting table centers
for the Christmas banquet
or piecing a quilt
her workspace was chaos
but her excitement,
the sparkle in her told me
dreaming, planning,
designing, creating

Maybe she is why
I don’t feel guilty
sitting here right now
at my cluttered desk
making this thing with words
while there are dishes to do.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

This poem is linked at One Shot Wednesday Week 44

7 thoughts on “Permission”

  1. seems you both are artists…your mom with the needle and thread and you with she may understand… a wonderful quilt, looks like its woven with lots of love…


  2. Lovely. Your mum not only made one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen, she gave you permission to create, to make that a priority in your life. This is a true gift. When I was growing up in England I am sure every mother would have said: “Get those dishes done, what would the neighbours think!”


  3. What a wonderful quilt you’ve made your son. And how wonderful that your mother offered herself as your model to follow your passions. As Elizabeth says, she gave you a gift. It’s worth passing on, to daughter or son.

    Sweet poem.


  4. Thanks, Maureen! I wish I had made it – actually my mom made that quilt for my son. She was quite amazing, as she designed and made a unique play quilt for each of her 25 grandchildren.


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