Religious, Sestina



All galaxies and planets roaming free
In chaos through an undivided night
No creatures formed to know that they are blind
Only Creator knows what He will find
When blazing forth He parts the land from sea
Illuminates it with, “Let there be light”


The elements obey and there is light
Planets and stars within their orbits free
Earth’s budding beauty is a joy to see
Sun and moon undulate to day and night
Earth now becomes His treasured azure find
He sees its goodness from celestial blind


Guile snake with clever words desires to blind
Eve from the black and white command, makes light
of rule against eating that fruit, “You’ll find
Its succulence and sweetness sets you free”
She eats and gives to Adam, comes the night
Just like the serpent says, fruit helps them see


Both naked and ashamed is what they see
Fruit was to give them sight but made them blind
Now doomed by nature to a moral night
God is not stymied, brings His plan to light
He sends His perfect Son to loose, set free
Through thickest night of sin to seek and find


In all earth’s tumbling epochs still we find
Echoes of Eden’s story plain to see
Mankind’s rebellious efforts to stay free
From God’s effulgence, shielded by our blind
Of independence, we avoid His light
Roam earth’s confusing paths, stumble the night


Then like a mother, shepherd, prince or knight
He hears our cries, scales or descends to find
And bring us home to Him, eternal light
Like Saul of Tarsus, suddenly we see
And wonder how we could have been so blind
A former captive now could feel so free


Set free to plunge ourselves into earth’s night
Seek out the lost and blind to help them find
There is a way to see – Jesus is light


© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly
This week I post another sestina. (For a definition of the form and links to more about it, see “Seasonal Sestina” below.) In “Light” I used three sets of rhyming words to see what the effect would be. I’m not sure it’s that pleasing. I’m also not completely satisfied with the somewhat ‘telling’ last line. It is what it is, I guess. I do believe its message with all my heart.

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