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Family Reunion

Family Reunion

And he turned himself away from them and wept. – Genesis 42:24

Those rugged Semite robes, that tangled hair,
how this one walks, another’s face, those eyes…
They near, the smell of Canaan fills the air.
Ten sheaves bow down – a wondrous, cruel surprise.
“Your servants, twelve, are brothers, sons of one,
the youngest with our father, one is not.”
Ha, that one is! My peace with past hard won,
I’ll not go back.
“To jail. You’re spies and caught!”
In Rachel’s tongue one says, “It was that deed..
It’s punishment for how we treated him;
He cried and begged for help, we paid no heed,
Now vengeance serves her cup filled to the brim.”
What’s this – they’re changed? Oh God, I healed that pain
Now it floods back, wounds open, bleed again.

© by Violet Nesdoly


This poem is posted for Tweetspeak Poetry “Let’s Talk In Pictures” where the challenge is to capture a conversation in a poem. (This conversation is not within a sestina, I’m afraid,  but it is within a form nonetheless.)

This poem was first published at Utmost Christian Writers Poets Places. It is also published in  Family Reunion (2007).

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion”

  1. Violet! You are already ahead of us with a sonnet. Brava. 🙂

    Come share your link at Tweetspeak, if you like. This is such a smooth sonnet (not like mine; I think I am not cut for sonnets, but I will not give up 🙂 )


  2. Why, thank you, L.L. As you see, I was planning to submit this to the ‘conversation’ conversation but then wrote the sestina and submitted it instead. This is definitely not a glass slipper sonnet, but one of several I have written about Bible characters. Somehow in my mind that old fashioned, somewhat formal form and Bible characters go together.


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