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What They Wore

What they wore

Magnolia’s wedding gown
was French satin
with a veil of lacy
water parsnip.

The Rose sisters
classic suits were tailored
pink jersey.

Aliums chose
ruffled sundresses
of yellow lawn.

was crisp and cool
in blue seersucker.

But the Pansies
in their elegant but flirty
little black satins
stole the show.

By Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

7 thoughts on “What They Wore”

  1. ‘…love-in-a-mist was crisp and cool in blue seer-sucker’. Brilliant. You captured each blooms sense of fashion so very eloquently and elegantly. I too, am partial to pansies. Mine are waking up again since we’ve had some cooler days. Thank-you for sharing this delightful garden show!


  2. Thank you all, so much, for dropping by and your comments. I think I am a sister to the flowers (what with my name and all…). That’s why I love to flower-watch.


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