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April Special

April Special

 (A choose your own ending poem)

Maitre d’ offers a menu of rain
for starters a sprinkle, a spitting, a mist
my glasses are blurry, my hair is damp-kissed
but hors d’oeuvre about which I will not complain.

Wind and cloud waitresses proffer the main
with all-day-long drizzle, deluge and flood
the road is all puddles, the garden all mud
this unending water’s becoming a pain.

Time for dessert course, by now I disdain
the precipitation. Soaking, please stop!
Ah, here comes the sun, through a drip and a drop
a garnish of rainbow, a plip and a plop
just the right mix so that May blooms will pop
please, shower no more till it’s April again.


rescuing me from becoming insane.


bringing an end to this drippy refrain.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

This is my first poem of my personal National Poetry Month challenge. My goal is to write 21 new poems this month. I will not inflict them all on you, I promise. But I thought I would put up number one just to prove that I have actually made a start.

This poem was inspired by the April Rain prompt at Adele Kenny’s The Music In It blog, where she has posted a prompt and a linked poem for each day in April.

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