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Fruit Notes

Fruit Notes She bathes in Bubblelicious Fuzzy Peach towels off then spritzes Kiwi Melon Splash. She chooses Mango Sunscreen for the beach or Lemon Lime or Berries from her stash. She balms her lips with Sour Cherry Twist her body polish sparkles Groovy Grape. She freshens up with Pomegranate Mist (such well-fed skin will never… Continue reading Fruit Notes

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Corporate Cuts

Corporate Cuts Five years ago the cut was surgical. Just minutes with the boss and it was done a severance of sinew, muscle, bone shock was the anesthetic, then slow heal. This time they used an endless tourniquet new paradigms, objectives, letters, dates twisting his job description with new weights revealing their design by slow… Continue reading Corporate Cuts

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Family Reunion

Family Reunion And he turned himself away from them and wept. - Genesis 42:24 Those rugged Semite robes, that tangled hair, how this one walks, another’s face, those eyes... They near, the smell of Canaan fills the air. Ten sheaves bow down – a wondrous, cruel surprise. “Your servants, twelve, are brothers, sons of one,… Continue reading Family Reunion